4t65e overdrive problems on 97

images 4t65e overdrive problems on 97

I'm thinking that I got lucky and the mechanic got ahold of the right person when he called Detroit. PS Love this site very informational I was wondering where could I find this new software upgrade. BigWaveDave Posts: 2. Runs best on HiVelocity Hosting. VB Styles developed by vBStyles. To me I don't think that would cause the overdrive to go out.

  • trans issueno 1st or overdrive

  • TRANSMISSION-4T65E's COMMON PROBLEMS & TIPS FOR LONGER Fromthe splines in the 4th gear clutch assembly were not harden, and as. 4T65E Transmission Info.

    This page provides information about the GM THM- 4T65E 4 speed Automatic fwd transmission/transaxle which is found in many at the history of the GM 4T65E transmission and some common problems you infollowing in the footsteps of the 4T60E transmission.
    Automatic Transmission 1, views. If so what did you do? Im not much of a car mechanic i was hoping u could help me out.

    images 4t65e overdrive problems on 97

    I'll probably just use my car around town and on limited highway trips until I can buy a new or barely used car. No mechanic has been able to tell me for sure what the problem is and since it is only an intermittent problem I have let it go on for over a year.

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    images 4t65e overdrive problems on 97
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    No i havent resolved it yet.

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    I have not had a problem since. All times are GMT April Am I having a trans issue?

    Pontiac Bonneville w/ V6 4T65E, 4T65E-HD Pontiac G6 w/. This is a common problem, and leads to slow / sloppy shifting.

    images 4t65e overdrive problems on 97

    Sonnax makes a. well i noticed the speedometer was not working and a check engine light was on, so i Buy 4T65E 4th Clutch Hub-cookie cutter-GM: Complete Clutch Sets DNJ CB Cam Bearings for / Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, ACDelco GM Original Equipment Automatic Transmission Pressure Control Solenoid.
    Sometimes it goes into Drive but quickly goes back to 3rd.

    trans issueno 1st or overdrive

    April Usually take the wife's Corolla for long trips. Published on Oct 20, I was wondering where could I find this new software upgrade. In a reply email from dave at triple edge performance mentioned that both shift solenoids and the tcc pwm solenoid all get their 12v ignition feed through that TCC fuse under the hood. Some things it lists are: Neutrals at stops, Shudders on take off Tach bounces up and down a few hundered rpm while cruising in lockup No 4th Gear and a few others.

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    images 4t65e overdrive problems on 97
    No i havent resolved it yet.

    I recently went on a small road trip about 60 miles and my friend and I noticed that my car was running high RPMs.

    images 4t65e overdrive problems on 97

    Other than that it shifts good. October Starting off in 3 and leaving it there I can drive like a normal person and it doesn't wind out the tach or make the whining noise, it just doesn't shift into overdrive.

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    1. Nikosar:

      Ratchets and Wrenches assumes no liability for any property or personal damage that may arise from doing a repair on your vehicle after watching any of my repair video's. As I was accelerating from 45 - 50mph my car lurched, started making a loud whining noise and wouldn't shift into 4th gear.

    2. Kazitaxe:

      I was told by the service manager and mechanic who had worked on my car most of the 12 times that he the mechanic called Detroit and they put a new, unreleased version of the program on my car. Check out message 63, 67 and others near those in this same forum.

    3. Dizuru:

      I am having the some problem with my Grand Prix. I wish you all the luck in the world in getting yours fixed.