Canon 24-70 vs tamron vs sigma

images canon 24-70 vs tamron vs sigma

Old Nikon prevails in mm range. Nikon version is on market more than month now and they have an access to the gear unlike we, regular users Probably they just waited to mount them on 2 brand new D, what a luxury! Additionaly it is nice to have zoom lock to prevent creep. Which one would you buy? Can anyone confirm this possibility? Don't know if we can also expect improved tolerances for glass manufacturing process as well or already available glasses from previous G1 version are "re-used". Unfortunately I had no possibility to compare both lenses directly. Michael Benveniste. Reproduction in whole or part in any form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited. Latest buying guides.

  • Battle of the f/ lenses how does Sigma Art compare to Canon DIY Photography

  • OK, probably been asked a bunch but I couldn't find a thread that was specific - But if I wanted to upgrade to a lens that performs like the Lens Test: Sigma f/ ART vs Canon f/L II. They are, however, the Tamron lens was generally sharper for me, and is about.

    Battle of the f/ lenses how does Sigma Art compare to Canon DIY Photography

    Canon L II, Sigma OS Art & Tamron mm VC G2 Shared Features Vignetting: Sigma mm f/ DG OS HSM Art vs.
    I would not bother with third party large aperture zoom lenses due to AF consistency and accuracy issues especially under lowlight and low contrast conditions. Eephotozine published their review on Tamron G2 couple of days ago:. Complexity of the lens requires more development effort for every further improvement.

    images canon 24-70 vs tamron vs sigma

    Looks like a bit more of chromatic aberration present in Sigma lens helped with identification. There are numerous experiences reported that G2 is much better compared to G1 in this regard and also very comparable to new Sigma Art. Reading mode: Light Dark.

    images canon 24-70 vs tamron vs sigma
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    Neither does the Tamron.

    You may also like. Lee had mixed results on which one is sharper so I thought I would give you guys another test. However overal image quality goes to Tarmon as well as better weather protection and price advantage.

    At the 70mm end, the difference is negligible. Fede Opfinger. Where I need the VC the most is at 70mm and not so much at 24mm, I plan on buying L series glass for a mm some day.

    Canon vs Tamron VC vs Sigma mm Comparison Review Morris from turned me the new Tamron VC lens that.

    Neither, I'd go with Tamron SP mm f/ Di VC USD G2 [Lens Test: Sigma f/ ART vs Canon f/ L II | Matthew Gore]. The mm lens has long been a staple in many a professional photographer's kit, and if you are in the market for a fast, sharp.
    Also for Nikon users G2 has the same zoom direction as Nikon lenses.

    It looks that Sigma is the weakest at 24 mm but sharper compared to both Tamron and Nikon lenses in mm range. Skvela recenze!

    Video: Canon 24-70 vs tamron vs sigma Canon vs Tamron VC vs Sigma 24-70mm 2.8 Comparison Review

    In the end Tamron is also lighter and slightly cheaper lens at least here in Europe. The hope is that the new Tamron lens is better in this regard compared to the previous Di VC USD generation that was suffering here from onion rings.

    images canon 24-70 vs tamron vs sigma
    I also see as advantage lower weight and Nikon-direction of zoom implemented in Tamron lens.

    The reason why I want it to win is the Tamron has image stabilization which is awesome for video. If there was an instance where in one test there was one lens sharper in the center but the other was sharper in the corner, I gave the win to the one sharpest in the center.

    Physical Physically, both lenses look similar. Probably they just waited to mount them on 2 brand new D, what a luxury! Image stabilization was off and he focused using live-view.

    images canon 24-70 vs tamron vs sigma

    The AF was fast and responsive, and he was satisfied with shadow detail he got in tricky light.

    New Sigma is compared to Canon f LMk II, previous Tamron mm Di VC (no test data from Lens Rentals on G2 version so far).
    Aug 28, Cancel Unsubscribe. Can you provide some examples? Of course, even though Matthew did his best to test the lenses objectively, he points out that this is still his own experience and this is how the lens performed on his camera.

    I am not an expert on bokeh, I used to think it was when you had more blades in the lens made prettier circles, but I am not seeing much ghosting or doubling of the blurry objects on any of them.

    images canon 24-70 vs tamron vs sigma
    Canon 24-70 vs tamron vs sigma
    Skip navigation. Thank you for sharing your observations and thoughts. Your conclusion is that both lenses are very comparable and competitive with respect of optical performance and price however it will be easier to correct in post aberations and vignetting from Tamron lens due their better definition and sharper transitions.

    Sensors ranging from APS-C to full-frame are designed to match their lenses, which cover ranges from mm equivalent, so image quality is top-notch. Dave Dugdale.

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      When it comes to vignetting, both lenses show more or less the same performance. The Herrintons 60, views.