Firefox google homepage messed up

images firefox google homepage messed up

I didn't think that this problem would be so complicated to solve, so I didn't take note of the names of the programs I found. One thing I noticed was that I started up my computer, noticing that there were about fifteen to twenty new programs with really sketchy names installed on my computer. This could not be flagged. What you can try is using backup tools, like FEBE extension for Firefox, backing up your profiles before running any installer, and then restore to a recent backup if any suspicious changes made. Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta! Not sure why Google can't behave properly in this instance. I did create a new profile, but the problem persisted. If the code gets mangled by this post, I can email you the.

  • I just update my FireFox and now my personalized Google homepage is all out of whack.

    It just list all my feeds in one column as opposed to three and 1/3 of the. I got FF59x64 installed and have no issues or going to other site problems.

    So unless you can provide a screen shot of the error no one is going to. They all work differently - what one program doesn't pick up, the other might.

    images firefox google homepage messed up

    . com//04/24/how-to-remove-yahoo-search-virus-chrome-firefox-ie-edge/.
    Uninstall Firefox. There are several.

    I cannot attach the profile to this thread but I can post the xml. I am going to Chrome and stop this monthly mess. Reboot the computer again.

    No programs, just follow the simple directions.

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    images firefox google homepage messed up
    You make this sound like it is a Firefox issue. So, go to that link and you will see that the default setting is set to "current region" or something to that effectand select the "show more" drop-down if your language region is not showing and select your language and click "save" at the bottom of the page.

    I've found it! So I came home and took another look at this. You could install the browser of your choice, with the settings of your choice in an embedded system called "Porteus-Kiosk". I was corrected when I realized that I was searching using Yahoo!

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    Find out what other users think about New Tab Homepage and add it to your LOVE this add-on -- I use Google Search as my homepage because I do a lot of Firefox messed up big time.

    I see your site perfectly fine with the latest version of Firefox & Chrome. Right now I have a mess on Chrome suddenly, all the hosting support swears its. The new versions of Mozilla Firefox web browser come with many new features [Tip] Remove "Search With Google" and "Visit Website" Options from Firefox.
    This means you install a very small Linux distro exclusively tailored to this end: providing a kiosk solution for a browser this means it can in principle be used by anyone but no one can change its settings, and the system always reboots from zero, with a clean browser IN your OS Windows I presume.

    images firefox google homepage messed up

    Why is Firefox not saving my desired homepage, search engine, and ad block settings? Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Order by: Most Likes Oldest Newest. Last but not least, secure your computer.

    images firefox google homepage messed up
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    I have not seen this particular solution in over 40 or so websites that give user or techie solutions.

    I've tried to use this search, as well as the Google search, but I came up with nothing useful to be honest. What this means is that I need to look for changes in Google and forget about dealing with configuring Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc.

    images firefox google homepage messed up

    Inappropriate This is offensive or in violation of our Community Etiquette. If the changes are due to another person messing around with the settings, you could always create a separate profile for yourself. I was editing out a lot of the stuff in them and perhaps I messed something up.

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      So here is my question; how do I make browsers tamper-proof? Hold on!

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      Edit: Missed the edited post. I am going to Chrome and stop this monthly mess.

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      I was corrected when I realized that I was searching using Yahoo!

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      Posted 18 April - AM Hey everyone!