Inca table saw review

images inca table saw review

You can post now and register later. Jesse likely has repair and parts manuals so you can see how it comes apart. I have an Inca that I bought used Skyline by DzinerStudio. I haven't had much luck tracking down replacements. I am interested in the

  • Inca Table Saw w/ Sliding Table and Mortiser
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  • Inca Tablesaw Help, please
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  • I almost bought one of their table saws about 10 years ago, and my rich buddy I have owned a few Inca tools and still own an Inca jointer/planer. inch throat has come in most handy that or go to a jigsaw with good blades.

    Inca Table Saw w/ Sliding Table and Mortiser

    Whatever happened to Inca Table Saws? The machines are popular and it is obvious that people are willing to pay a good price to get one. So I got myself an Inca tablesaw.

    images inca table saw review

    The little one, with the mortising attachment. It was a really good price, but that is because it is missing a few.
    It's a great saw, particularly in combination with a Festool and guide rail for panel cuts.

    12 Inca Table Saw Power Tools Wood Talk Online

    If you need photos, I can send them to you this weekend and they might give you some ideas to take to a machine shop to get something welded up. I used a little lithium grease, but it does not need much in the way of lubricant on the ways and adjustment screws.

    I'm told the has T shaped slots, which would make an aftermarket mitre gauge difficult to source, but I don't know that Any cautionary notes here?

    images inca table saw review

    images inca table saw review
    Inca table saw review
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    But I sure do appreciate all you guys that take the time to pass along your knowledge. General International are made overseas.

    Inca Tablesaw Help, please

    Thanks again for your input. Also with the saw off, listen to the bearings screwdriver between your ear and the bearing - they should be quiet.

    Hello i need some advice I have just been offered a inca table saw at a reasonable price.

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    i've searched the net for info on inca table saws and. It supposedly comes with mortiser and sliding table, and looks to be in fairly good condition.

    I am passingly familiar with the name Inca but was. For sale is my Inca Table Saw w/ Sliding Table and Mortiser. This was bought new by Good luck with your sale. Have you posted on the.
    A 12" blade will give you greater depth of cut, assuming you have the HP to make the cut or make multiple passes.

    Inca table saw any good Buying Advice Tool Reviews

    Roger Savatteri Posts: I really appreciate any advise you guys might have. I also have a Delta mortiser. If you could get hold of a bandsaw, you should.

    images inca table saw review

    I have just about the full family of Incas, they work great for me and would hold on to them even if I got larger scale equipment. Dane, I'd try posting at Sawmill creek too.

    images inca table saw review
    Oh, and the miter gauge.

    Seems like it wouldn't be too hard to build a custom table, just have to get the motor lined up correctly. So, if I can get it operable, I am really looking forward to owning it.

    My current saw is a portable Bosch Power Tools Search In.

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      I was trying to figure out how to remove the arbor and drill chuck assembly when I found this old thread. Mine are T shaped, and 2 cm 20 mm wide.

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      So, it has a 20mm arbor.