Istb domain protein atp-binding protein foods

images istb domain protein atp-binding protein foods

The P protein binds the alpha-amino group of glycine through its pyridoxal phosphate cofactor; CO 2 is released and the r [ Enolase; Catalyzes the reversible conversion of 2- phosphoglycerate into phosphoenolpyruvate. Tetraacyldisaccharide 4'-kinase; Transfers the gamma-phosphate of ATP to the 4'-position of a tetraacyldisaccharide 1-phosphate intermediate termed DS P to form tetraacyldisaccharide 1,4'-bi [ Has a crucial role in the pathway because the rate [ Acts as a chaperone by maintaining the newly synthesized protein in an open conformation.

  • Species IstBlike ATPbinding protein (IPR) < InterPro < EMBLEBI
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  • IstBlike ATPbinding protein (IPR) < InterPro < EMBLEBI

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    images istb domain protein atp-binding protein foods

    Pathways & IstB-like ATP-binding protein ( IPR) Proteins in this entry contain an ATP/GTP binding P-loop motif. They are. Domain architectures (). Pathways Species: IstB-like ATP-binding protein ( IPR). Key Species. Key species, Number of proteins, FASTA, Protein IDs.

    IstB-like ATP-binding proteinExpasy. ISPsy14, transposition helper protein IstB domain protein ATP-binding protein. bp Expasy. Putative transposase.
    Catalyzes the phosphorolysis of single-stranded polyribonucleotides processively in the 3'- to 5'-direction.

    Translation initiation factor IF-1; One of the essential components for the initiation of protein synthesis. Glucose-inhibited cell-division protein; NAD-binding protein involved in the addition of a carboxymethylaminomethyl cmnm group at the wobble position U34 of certain tRNAs, forming tRNA-cmnm 5 [ Putrescine-binding periplasmic protein; Required for the activity of the bacterial periplasmic transport system of putrescine.

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    Then the PB-act [ Inner membrane subunit of an electron transport system; Part of a membrane complex involved in electron transport. Used to degrade proteins damaged by L-isoaspartyl residues formation.

    images istb domain protein atp-binding protein foods
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    Encoded together with proteins of the phosphate-specific transport Pst system in the poly [ Glucosephosphate adenylyltransferase; Catalyzes the synthesis of ADP-glucose, a sugar donor used in elongation reactions on alpha-glucans.

    Urease accessory protein UreG; Facilitates the functional incorporation of the urease nickel metallocenter. Ribosome recycling factor; Responsible for the release of ribosomes from messenger RNA at the termination of protein biosynthesis.

    images istb domain protein atp-binding protein foods

    Inosine-5'-monophosphate dehydrogenase; Catalyzes the conversion of inosine 5'-phosphate IMP to xanthosine 5'-phosphate XMPthe first committed and rate- limiting step in the de novo synthes [ The immediate electron acceptor for the e [

    ISRme9-transposase ORFB protein (IstB-like ATP-binding protein)Expasy.

    IstB domain protein ATP-binding protein.

    Species IstBlike ATPbinding protein (IPR) < InterPro < EMBLEBI

    bp Expasy. IstB helper protein, IS M_, KEGG: rpf:Rpic12D_ IstB domain protein ATP-binding KEGG : cak:Caul_ IstB ATP binding domain-containing protein; PFAM: Enzymes from different sources differ in their regulatory mechanisms and in their natur [. EGF, EGF-like domain.

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    PF, GTP_EFTU, Elongation factor Tu GTP binding domain PF, IstB_IS21, IstB-like ATP binding protein. PF .
    Isoaspartyl dipeptidase; Catalyzes the hydrolytic cleavage of a subset of L- isoaspartyl L-beta-aspartyl dipeptides. During this step, the ribosome changes from the pre-translocational PRE to the post- [ Glycine reductase component b subunits alpha and beta; In the first step of glycine reductase, the substrate is bound to component PB via a Schiff base intermediate.

    Protein Summary

    Exonuclease vii small subunit; Bidirectionally degrades single-stranded DNA into large acid-insoluble oligonucleotides, which are then degraded further into small acid-soluble oligonucleotides. It directs the protease to specific substrates. Prevents heat-shock induction of these operons.

    images istb domain protein atp-binding protein foods
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    Disulfide bond formation protein B; Required for disulfide bond formation in some periplasmic proteins.

    It is important during the early stages [ May act as a scaffolding protein. It is possible that it carries out the mismatch recognition step. Adenylosuccinate lyase sub [ Probable protein kinase UbiB; Is probably a protein kinase regulator of UbiI activity which is involved in aerobic coenzyme Q ubiquinone biosynthesis.

    CLOST_, Istb domain-containing protein ATP-binding protein (fragment) Enzymes from different sources differ in their regulatory mechanisms and in.

    ,IGGGK, MULTISPECIES: DNA replication protein ,IGGGK, IstB-like ATP-binding protein · Acinetobacter sp.

    IstBlike ATPbinding protein (IPR) < InterPro < EMBLEBI

    ,IGGGK, Laminin G sub domain 2 · Cyclobacterium marinum DSMBacteria Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb. NC_ D PFAM: IstB domain protein ATP-binding protein; IstB-like ATP-binding protein; IstB ATP binding domain-containing protein of several nitrogen and carbon sources during free-living aerobic growth and.
    Chorismate synthase; Catalyzes the anti-1,4-elimination of the C-3 phosphate and the C-6 proR hydrogen from 5-enolpyruvylshikimatephosphate EPSP to yield chorismate, which is the branch poin [ It is involved in the osmoregulation and in the maintenance of cell turgor during volume expansion in ra [ It is not involved in the protein synthesizing func [ Glycine cleavage system H protein; The glycine cleavage system catalyzes the degradation of glycine.

    Lipoyl-ACP can also act [ MoaA family. RNA polymerase sigma factor RpoD; Sigma factors are initiation factors that promote the attachment of RNA polymerase to specific initiation sites and are then released.

    images istb domain protein atp-binding protein foods
    Istb domain protein atp-binding protein foods
    A damage recognition complex composed of 2 [ Phosphate transport system permease protein; Part of the binding-protein-dependent transport system for phosphate; probably responsible for the translocation of the substrate across the membrane.

    It is important during the early stages [ UDP-N-acetylglucosamine 1-carboxyvinyltransferase; Cell wall formation. Protoheme IX farnesyltransferase; Converts heme B protoheme IX to heme O by substitution of the vinyl group on carbon 2 of heme B porphyrin ring with a hydroxyethyl farnesyl side group; Belongs [ L-glutamine:d-fructosephosphate aminotransferase; Catalyzes the first step in hexosamine metabolism, converting fructose-6P into glucosamine-6P using glutamine as a nitrogen source.

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      Pyrrolinecarboxylate reductase; Catalyzes the reduction of 1-pyrrolinecarboxylate PCA to L-proline.