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images sz2301 sunvic contemporary

Sunvic tlx room thermostat sunvic domestic controls electromechanical range for light to medium duty applications. Three-port valves operate in a similar manner but the wiring is different and some valves are never installed properly by builders and plumbers in the UK. More photos are here. Design collections. Sunvic tlx tpi cont large dig disp Sunvic. It has a different make of microswitch - but these very rarely gave problems anyway. These valves are not sold only under the Sunvic name. Supplying 'live' to where the orange wire from the valve was connected generally enables the boiler to light up and the pump to operate whatever type of valve has been fitted, but there are issues of how hot each circuit will get if it is not properly controlled - so turn down the main boiler thermostat to about C. All our sunvic domestic controls products are genuine branded goods.

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  • Looking for a Sunvic 2 Port Valve? You can order online today at great prices and collect in your local branch or have it delivered to where you need it.

    Sunvic's long track record of innovation & reliability is that name. Error loading MacroEngine The replacement Part No.

    Motorised Zone Valves

    is SZ What is replacement for. Danfoss HPA2 Actuator, 4 Wire. Danfoss N 2-Port Valve Actuator. Sunvic SZ 2 Port Valve Actuator (4 Wire)Genuine Sunvic Spare PartCheck the table below to make sure you have the correct valve to go with your actuator.
    Myson Auto ByPass Valve. Electromechanical range for light to medium duty applications.

    I would use you again.


    Some evidence has been collated showing the degree to which the micro-switches often used within motorised actuators may overheat and the propensity of the circuit boards within the 'new' Sunvic designs to explode. Valor Gas Fire Spares. Sunvic Tlx Control Large Dial. We keep you informed of the progress of your order, good or bad news.

    images sz2301 sunvic contemporary
    Sunvic twin unival select pack sunvic domestic controls Sunvic.

    Sunvic Szmv Momo 15mm 2 Port Valve. Ideally, a diode would have been incorporated into the pcb design: this 'afterthought' is hardly an advertisement for quality manufacturing.

    Both types seem to fail in the same way - so a specific design or manufacturing problem seems to be ruled out. Sunvic Tlm Frost Thermostat.

    Buy the Sunvic Sz Actuator from Direct Heating Spares. Manufacturer Code: We have over items in stock and available Next Day. Failures of SUNVIC motorised valves including those with actuators SZM and These webpages deal primarily with modern Sunvic motor-on motor-off.

    Motorised Ball Valve Actuator for 2 Port Spring Return Valve - SZ Actuator for use with Type ML/EML 2 port motorised valves; Normally closed when not.
    These all have a similar design of electronic circuit and regularly fail in a similar manner. It is made live for dhw via the cylinder thermostat. Sunvic appear to have changed the capacitors to nF to try to avoid premature failures but to little avail - because whole idea of using X2 capacitors to drop mains voltage may be suspect: a particular problem may be high temperatures of operation and frequency of thermal cycling.

    Electromechanical range for light to medium duty applications.

    images sz2301 sunvic contemporary

    Here are some failed capacitors, together with a couple of faulty microswitches. In particular, the internal circuitry of the SD and related 3 port designs is quite complicated and many faults stem from sticking motors and gearboxes. We keep you informed of the progress of your order, good or bad news.

    images sz2301 sunvic contemporary
    In this example therefore, failure was likely owing to a high resistance contact in one of the micro-switches - leading to localised overheating.

    images sz2301 sunvic contemporary

    Spring return valves typically Sunvic and types and many variants of the same basic design can also often be repaired. Checked deliverystock out of hours and still got a quick response.

    Motorised Zone Valves

    Sunvic Wireless Rf Room Thermostat. I actually bothered to clean up the pcb and renew all the components. Safety note: whilst replacing these capacitors is a trivial job for anyone versed in electronics, inexperienced people should not attempt this.

    Results 1 - 25 of 43 RFP, Awaiting delivery, ProgStat Sunvic TLX RFP Wireless, £Actuator Sunvic SZ, £Actuator. Danfoss HP Bought to replace a leaking sz Sunvic valve. Exact fit, same wiring and works straight from the box.

    I'm not a plumber but easy fix. ✓ Yes.

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    Items 1 - 24 of 34 Sunvic Motorised 22mm 2-Port Spring Return Valve & Actuator. MVS Sunvic Motorised 22mm 2-Port Spring Return Valve & Actuator.

    Sunvic szmv momo 15mm 2 port valve sunvic domestic controls Sunvic. All I needed was a simple 'O' ring to replace one that had perished.

    Sunvic 2 Port Valve Actuator 4 Wire SZ Specialists in plumbing & heating spares

    Heating System Supplies. Sunvic tlx control large dial Sunvic. In addition, check that the system really is 'dead' after removing the fuse - I have known houses in which live and neutral lines have been reversed even at the main distribution board fusebox!

    If the contact points were the cause of the overheating because of high contact resistance then discoloration would be expected primarily close to the points - yet here it is just as bad on the left hand side. However, it is also necessary to 'con' the boiler into thinking the valve actuator is still in place and ordering heat.

    images sz2301 sunvic contemporary
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    Where failure of a capacitor would lead directly to an electrical shock hazard then an even higher specification Y class capacitor must be specified.

    No such easy option exists for the three port design.

    Sunvic Domestic Controls Supplies MyTub Ltd

    Neomitis Domestic Controls and Programmers. Sunvic Tlx Control Large Dial. In one Unishare actuator I tested, a nF capacitor was so degraded the relay voltage was only 9.

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      It is a cheap way to produce low voltage DC if only a low current is required. These all have a similar design of electronic circuit and regularly fail in a similar manner.

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      Initially, it was devoted only to the 'new' designs of actuators utilising electronics in lieu of the more conventional spring return mechanisms and indeed the new designs did, in theory, offer quite a few advantages. Invensys Valves and Actuators.