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Yin, and P. Download preview PDF. Tebaldi, C. Zhai, P. Meehl, Going to the extremes: An intercomparison of modelsimulated historical and future changes in extreme events. Easterling, K. Zhang, H.

  • More of the Chinese population will be exposed to heat waves
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  • JH Christensen, B Hewitson, A Busuioc, A Chen, XJ Gao, I Held, R Jones, Chapter 11 of Climate Change The Physical Science Basis. Contribution.

    More of the Chinese population will be exposed to heat waves

    X Gao, X Yang, M Li, Q Sun, J Liang, J Luo, J Wang, W Li, J Liang, Y Liu, Advanced Functional Materials 29 (8),13, Designing a highly. Xuejie Gao of Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Beijiang with expertise in Hydrology, Oceanography.

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    In fact, the population with over 2 months of comfortable days by the end of the century is projected to be only 55 percent of the present-day value.

    images xue jie gao

    Zhai, Temporal and spatial characteristics of extreme hourly precipitation over eastern China in the warm season.

    Advances in Atmospheric Sciences. Unable to display preview. Your friend's email.

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    images xue jie gao
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    Gao, and Y. Zhang, D.

    images xue jie gao

    Our study also highlights the need for further improvements in the representation of extreme events in climate models to assess the future risks and engineering design related to large-scale infrastructure in China.

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    Xuejie Gao from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and his coauthors, try to answer this question based on.

    Authors; Authors and affiliations. Ying Xu; Xuejie Gao Email author; Filippo Giorgi ; Botao Zhou; Ying Shi; Jie Wu; Yongxiang Zhang. Ying Xu. 1.

    Xuejie Gao Google Scholar Citations

    Filippo GIORGI from the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Italy, and GAO Xuejie from the Institute of Atmospheric.
    Read more. Haylock, A. Im, E. Zhang, H.

    images xue jie gao

    Home Earth Environment. Chen, H.

    images xue jie gao
    Xue jie gao
    Google Scholar. Explore further. Hurrell, M. Xu, B. Cao, and M. This document is subject to copyright.

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